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“Just because you were born at the bottom, doesn’t mean you have to stay at the bottom.”

For myself, as with many like myself, I am starting my life from humble beginnings. And when I say humble beginnings, I mean growing up poor. My mother is what you would call the working poor. Where one missed day of work, one sick day could have placed her, my two sisters, and myself in a homeless shelter, or worse in the street. But does that mean our lives have to stay that way? No, it does not. Because living in America, we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. My two siblings are currently steadfast in their careers, and am actively pursuing my own path in life. So if you’ve been dealt a bad hand, how do you win with that hand?

Well, for starters, it comes by way of education. At a young age, my mother started to invest in our education. And when I say invest, she didn’t have money set aside for us as children. But she did make sure that the schools we went to were good enough and safe enough. She waited in lines to enroll us in school. She didn’t sleep in the bed and not make an effort to get us into a good school. She made it her mission, at times sacrificing her own well-being. Even though we were in public school, with my oldest sister attending private in high school, the schools were decent. The school wasn’t a place where all the kids were focused on being cool kids. You were encouraged to expand your mind past how you were being perceived by your peers. So you were able to focus on your education.

So now that education was taken care of, my mother cultivated a household where our minds could grow. At a young age she would take us to the library where we took part in various activities: reading, writing, and putting together puzzles (which was an activity I loved). We even had times on Friday nights when she would have long conversations with us about life. Little did I know those conversations and those weekend trips to the library were getting us prepared to deal in life. It taught me patients, hard work, persistence, and dedication. In addition, I also have to not forget those trips to the zoo and museums, where we were encouraged to have an open mind to many different cultures and experiences.

So now that my sisters and myself are adults we can pursue our own endeavors with the confidence needed up to this point to succeed. So what does all this have to do with winning with a bad hand; well, a lot. Everything that I was taught growing up, in combination with my own cultivated intellect, we have always been able to prosper. Now, everyone did not grow up in a household where their talents were nurtured. Some people have some very tough lives that are far beyond my life. But understand, that your story and my story is not unique. There is always someone that looks like you, and have come from where you have come from to succeed. So in the end, there is always going to be people dealt a bad hand. Some will overcome their struggle and others won’t. Sadly enough, that’s just some of the outcomes of life. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Moving toward the future, from understanding your past.”

Why do people find it so hard to move forward in their lives? One of the reasons is they have yet to come to terms with their past. And don’t get me wrong, your past does not automatically translate into future. But something that has happened in your past is a reason you make your decisions today. And if you are not able to understand this past, then how will you move forward. For instance, a woman might be trying to figure out why she has such bad experiences with men. Then she realizes she never had a relationship with her own father. And as the old saying goes, you link up with, as a man or woman, your previous relationship with a parent.

Now that’s an interesting concept; you wind-up with your parent. Because choosing a potential spouse is such a daunting task in itself. So who raises you from childhood to adulthood is crucial. Now, there is no guarantee that you’re going to have a great relationship if you’re raised with these great parents. But statistically, those raised in two parent households go off to have more successful marriages. And if you are having problems with your relationships or finding a successful relationship, look into your own life. Where in your life is there a link between you and your parent. You might also have been raised in good surroundings, but other aspects like controlling parents or not enough transparency didn’t prepare you for monogamy.

What about other aspects of your past that could affect your future. Issues that you have that keep you from advancing in your career. Very rarely have past performances that are poor, lead to future good performances. Unless, you recognize the past poor performances and correct them for the future. For instance, I am currently working on my next short film. My first one was ok, but there are some things I need to correct for my next one. If I am making the same mistakes, then I have not learned my lesson. So career choices in the future can haunt you if not curbed early on. But small things we tend to avoid, and later make those mistakes that effect in a much greater way years later.

Then again, is coming to grips with your past always lending itself to family situations and career? No, other reasons you look into your past, could be how to make the decisions for the future. You want to learn how to save money, well, analyze your past poor monetary choices. You want to buy a house, then lose the ways of renting because you’re the boss now. In the end, we all have something in our past that can determine the outcome of our future. It might be something as simple as adjusting your monetary expenses or fixing your love life. No matter what, be willing to look into your past and figure out what’s holding you down from accomplishing your future goals. 

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“Is it hard for you to see your potential future?”

Many of us can only see what’s in front us in life. We have a place where we want to be in life, yet we can only see what is in front of us. Everything in the distant appears to be blurry. But if we keep on working at what it is we’re doing, the far fetched place we want to be is not far away. So, what is it, what is it that keeps us fro stepping out into the world? What is it that makes us only see the now and not the future. I myself am very optimistic, yet I have even second guessed myself. So why do we do it to ourselves?

One of the reasons we do it to ourselves is because in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel you have to envision it. Reminds me of a quote by Hellen Keller, “I would have rather been born blind and than to have sight and lack vision.” This is a killer of a lot of people because the vision is blurry for the simple fact that it is either not a real vision or not mean’t for you. We have these idealistic ways of looking at the world. Which is fine, but it must be filtered through the scope of reality. Have a vision for where you want to be, but don’t let it be someone else’s vision. Too often we let others tell us what we should be doing in life. When asked how should I do this and this and that, they say, “I don’t know, figure it out.” You’re taking advice from someone who really don’t know you.

Another reason we only see what’s in front of us is because we have to survive in the moment. And if you’re just trying to figure out how to survive today, it’s hard to see tomorrow or even a few weeks up the road. You just want to be good in the moment. And think about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Only this form of thinking is very damaging and has long term effects.  If you’re only living in the moment and not tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and you’re in a bind, then what? Or better yet you don’t think about ten years from now, then ten years goes by and you say to yourself, “If only I had of started then, where would I be now?”

And here is where people go wrong with their lives. Because they usually say this to themselves when they are still young. For instance, you might see some 30 or 31 year who is very successful because they started at age 20 or 21 years of age. But here you are at age 30 and you are measuring where you are with their success. Reality is that a lot of people start getting their lives together at 30 years of age. So by the time they are 40 years they are comfortable financially. But resentment keeps them from getting there once they give in young. Big mistake.

In the end, you have to have more vision to be where you want to be in life. If you are not where you want, then talk it up. Work on it, and talk into existence. Like I said before on previous posts, your thoughts turn into actions. And if thoughts are not directed in a positive space, it will prolong your success in life. 

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