I (Un)Pledge Allegiance

“You say stand, I’m taking a stand.” Quarterback (QB) for the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick made a strong statement for what he called and “injustice toward minorities,” for recent police shootings. During the national anthem of a football game, the NFL QB decided to sit on the bench instead take part in the pledge. … Continue reading I (Un)Pledge Allegiance

What Is Heritage Really: The Confederate Flag Argument

“Is it about segregation or self-sustainability?” Throughout the United States history, the Confederate flag has long been a subject of a lot of debates. What does this flag truly mean? Some say it is the flag that is representation of people who wanted to keep slavery going; in addition to the fact they lost the war.  Others state that … Continue reading What Is Heritage Really: The Confederate Flag Argument


“How relevant are they really?” As we enter a race for a new president of the United States, one of the topics of interest pertains to the place in which guns have purpose in our lives. And I am not referring to law enforcement officers, but civilians. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution clearly states … Continue reading RIGHT 2 CARRY