Social Illusions

2 thoughts on “Social Illusions”

  1. Hello,

    I have been reading different article and postings tonight that I find relevant to my Race and the Law course that I took this semester. I decided to comment on a few and discuss some of the terms that I have have learned about over the course of the semester. Your particular post stood out to me and I really liked your take on White privilege. It has historically become acceptable for a predominantly white group to protest an issue important to them (Wall Street or even when they are celebration National Championships in sports) and society justify their means. However, when a subordinate group such as African Americans protest an issue important to them such as police brutality, we are labeled animals and out of control. However, if the issues were switched and a predominantly white group of people were protesting police brutality against Whites, there would be an outcry and they would potentially be labeled as passionate activist by some.

    Some ask why are certain things only acceptable or credible when White people do it? You pretty much hit the nail on the head here too. The power structure. Social dominance. The dominant group maintaining their position in power and not wanting the subordinate group to compete. Its just like in the early 1900s when whites were okay with blacks riding on the bus, so as long as they didn’t challenge it.

    Thanks for sharing again!

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